Teconnex has launched an ambitious apprenticeship programme to find young creative minds to play a part in shaping its future.

We are looking to find the next generation of potential leaders and offer opportunities in the wake of disruption to the lives of young people due to the covid pandemic.

In collaboration with Keighley College, the ‘Join, Learn & Grow’ programme will launch in September this year for level 3 apprentices to be given on-the-job training and college education as they earn while they learn.

We are keen to develop Yorkshire talent and offer opportunities for young people to get into engineering and manufacturing.

“As a company, Teconnex has always believed in providing opportunities for the next generation,” said Managing Director, Chris Marsden.

“The coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption and tragedy for people across the globe, including ourselves as a business. We have all faced tough times, but many young people have seen opportunities taken away from them due to businesses struggling through no fault of their own.

“We felt obligated to the young people of this community to seriously think about how we can help bridge the gap between education and work while providing a platform for future career growth. Working across our leadership team, we designed a framework to provide young people with a long-term career pathway through this new apprenticeship programme.”

Throughout the years, Teconnex has recruited apprentices, but the new programme sees a more significant investment in younger talent with a development plan in place that has been tailored using the experience of past apprentices and expanding across the wider business areas including Engineering, Health & Safety, Process Improvement, Quality, Customer Service & I.T.

Our commitment to advancing technology and providing state of the art software as part of the Digital Roadmap further displays us as a forward-thinking company that is looking to create a workplace ready for the next generation.

Many of our previous apprentices have taken up more senior roles within the company and had the chance to work at our global locations.

We also believe strongly in diversity and have been actively looking to provide more opportunities for women to get into the often dominated male workforce in most manufacturing or engineering companies.

One of our recent female apprentices, Alisha Bell, an OCS Engineer and Document Controller Apprentice, was featured in a photography project called 100 Creative Women and Girls of Keighley by award-winning photographer, Lisa Holmes.

Chris added: “It has been a mission of the leadership team to encourage more young women into the world of manufacturing and engineering. Although we have made strides in this across our global sites, we are fully aware that work needs to be done.

“As we operate worldwide, we thrive off the diversity of our workforce and look to embrace the culture of each country we operate in. We see having people from a variety of backgrounds as a huge benefit to bringing new ideas to the business and helps guide us to making an even better working environment for our staff and service for our customers.”

We will welcome the first apprentices in September and hope to expand the programme in the future to collaborate with international institutions.

For more information on our apprenticeships, please contact Morgan Halliday via the details below.

Morgan Halliday -Teconnex Ltd
Call: +44 (0)1535 613615