Culture & Values

Our Values

What we strive for on a daily basis... the way we operate on a global scale... how we help our staff achieve their goals.

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Do the right thing

To help us deliver on our commitments, from the shop floor to management, we value our employees experience and encourage their feedback through processes such as an interactive scanning survey. 

Our aim is to provide a positive work environment, where every employee has a say and their opinions matter in an open and honest culture. We believe feedback is vital to improving the experience of staff. 

Emphasis on safety is a key driver of Teconnec culture, which is why we constantly promote the need for employees to follow health and safety procedures at all times for the benefit of individuals and those working around them.

Doing the right thing means - taking accountability, effective communication with integrity, empowerment, active listening, reliability, settling clear objectives and using initiative to get things done..

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Create our future

We are constantly investing in people, technology and services to secure our future in the industry and even evolve past our current offering.

Embracing change and continuously improving our facilities and staff, we look to use innovation to advance our products, workflow and services.

As part of our company induction programme, we look to address integrity in the workplace. It is our duty as an employer to ensure corporate responsibility,  including anti-bribery, modern-day slavery and equal pay is being addressed on a global scale. 

We want employees to challenge workplace practices in order for us to identify improvements. As a management team, we are open to change and look for employees to match this ethos as we grow our Product Diversification Programme and expand around the world.

teconnex team in India

Work as one team

Ensuring a one-team mentality is critical to our aim of continuing to provide a great working environment for all staff around the world. 

From building relationships through outbound team-building exercises and team events promoting our values to offering support to the team.

We look to create a culture where you feel at home within the organisation, take ownership of the role, support your colleagues, learn with us as we grow on this journey and be recognised for your contribution to helping us achieve our goals.

As a company, we are proud of our people and the achievements their teamwork and individual contributions has helped us achieve. They go above and beyond their duty to deliver results and great service for our customers.