Keighley Towns Fund Helps Teconnex Secure State-of-the-art CNC Machine

Teconnex was recently selected to receive an investment courtesy of the Keighley Towns Fund. Keighley has long been recognised as a key economic driver due to its booming engineering and manufacturing industry, and Teconnex has played an important role in the town’s success. 

Securing this funding provided Teconnex with an exciting opportunity to funnel more investment into state-of-the-art machinery, like the XYZ 2010HD milling machine. The funding was also used for the installation of solar panels, supporting the business’s commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Teconnex is constantly growing and evolving, and these latest additions are sure to take us to the next level in the world of manufacturing and engineering. Thanks to its enhanced capabilities, the new XYZ 2010HD milling machine will boost productivity and allow us to diversify into new products. 

The Benefits of the XYZ 2010HD Milling Machine

It allows us to machine larger parts, reducing the cost required for sub-contract machining. It also gives us more control over our lead times, as in the past sub-machining could take several weeks to complete. With an increased bed size of 2200 x 1000, this new machine will increase capacity in our CNC area and streamline manufacturing processes. 

The Keighley Towns Fund has recognised Teconnex for contributing to the local economy, employment opportunities, and innovative methods. This funding, combined with Teconnex’s ambitious plans, will see 2024 as the most exciting year in our journey so far.