Our ESG Report

Welcome to Teconnex’s annual ESG report, a comprehensive reflection on the Environmental, Social and Governance impacts of our activities for 2023.

In this report, we explore Teconnex’s commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and ethical governance practices, outlining our progress and highlighting areas for improvement.


Teconnex Statements

At Teconnex, our environmental sustainability commitments, social initiatives, and governance practices are the driving forces behind every decision we make.


Hexadex Statements

Climate, Resources, Community, People and Compliance. These are the 5 foundational principles of the Hexadex philosophy.


Corporate Responsibility

It is our duty as an employer to ensure corporate responsibility,  including anti-bribery, modern-day slavery and equal pay is being addressed on a global scale.


Our Vision

Teconnex enables a cleaner world through our Clamps & Joining systems and new product Diversification strategy. We aim to be the world’s leading engineered solutions provider, impacting change throughout our global reach.

Achieving our vision

To achieve our goals, we created our ESG intentions
based on our company vision:

Enable environmental change. Preferred by our customers. Powered by our people. Our Sustainability Strategy is being designed to create a more sustainable future and is within our ‘Enable environmental change’ site.


A Message From Our MD, Chris Marsden

We are committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and high-quality stainless-steel clamping and expansions joint technology, to all our global customers.