After half a century of dedication to designing and manufacturing clamps, we are global leaders in all clamp related projects.

Product Style



Available Diameters

45mm - 120mm

Available Materials

300 Series Stainless Steel, Inconel

Bolt Sizes Available - Metric

M6, M8

Bolt Sizes Available - Imperial

1/4'', 5/16'', 3/8''

Max.Torque Settings - Metric

M6 – 10Nm
M8 – 20Nm
M10 – 27Nm
M12 – 42Nm
M16 – 100Nm

Max. Torque Settings - Imperial

1/4” – 7.38 ft lb
5/16” – 14.75 ft lb
3/8” – 20 ft lb

Flange tip width range

4mm - 8mm

Flange depth range

3.5mm - 6mm

Operating Temperatures Guide

*Note Stated Temperatures are for guidance only. For specific temperature ratings for each clamp type and design please contact our Engineering Department.

From -40°C to 900°C Gas Temp based on correct material selection