Teconnex join the Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP and Robbie Moore MP at Keighley College

Today, Teconnex were invited to join the Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP (Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education) alongside Robbie Moore MP at Keighley College. 

Alisha Bell, OCS & Documents Co-Ordinator, received an invitation to join a roundtable discussion with other students and apprentices to discuss with the minister how to build approaches to Apprenticeships to encourage individuals to consider alternative routes, in companies which gain the same outcomes as a degree normally attained through universities.

Alisha and Julie Verity, Global HR Director, were invited to discuss with Rt Hon Robert Halfon how to influence more women into engineering as a career, breaking down barriers which often discourage some women. They also discussed British manufacturing and engineering can be promoted in our local community, across Keighley, Bradford, and Airedale, as a future career. 

Teconnex is a global Manufacturing and Engineering company, with the head office based in Keighley. We are continuing to grow and develop, and diversify into new products and markets, which requires engineering skills.

Alisha commented: ‘There will be a lot of opportunities coming up to get involved in engineering programmes across Bradford, Keighley, and Airedale. This is growing significantly in a short space of time. I had an opportunity at a young age to be involved in engineering programmes, which encouraged me to develop a career in engineering.’

Alisha and Teconnex are looking forward to continuing to share engineering experiences, and to inspire the next generation of engineers!