Teconnex’s Trip to China: Reconnecting with the Funwick Group

Teconnex’s Chris Marsden and Steve Pollard recently embarked on an exciting trip to China to reconnect with valued partners, the Funwick Group, after a period of pandemic-induced separation. This visit was particularly significant for Teconnex’s Managing Director, Chris, marking his first visit to China since taking on the role. It provided an excellent opportunity to meet the Funwick team in person and strengthen the enduring bonds that have existed between the two companies for many years. 

For over a decade, Teconnex’s thriving joint venture with the Funwick Group has benefited both companies and sparked significant growth for the Chinese side of the business. During lockdown, collaboration proved challenging, but the joint venture continued to prosper thanks to the experience and dedication of Teconnex’s long-standing Chinese employees. 

The extensive experience of these employees played a crucial role in keeping operations running and fostering business growth from within China. Chris and Steve have had the pleasure of getting to know these individuals over the years, so meeting up with them in person and expressing heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment was really important. The team also spent valuable time with the Funwick Group’s owners, Jane and Ronny Chen, helping to further establish trust and understanding between the two companies. 

The visit coincided with the lead-up to the Chinese New Year celebrations, and Chris and Steve were lucky enough to join over 700 Funwick and Teconnex employees to celebrate the occasion. The MD and Deputy MD even joined the Funwick senior management team to present prizes to deserving employees, allowing them to learn more and celebrate successes within the industry. This event showed a different side of China than Westerners typically perceive and was a great evening filled with amazing food, flowing drinks, and wonderful conversation. 

It also presented an opportunity to review growth plans, understand investment needs, and gain insight into the evolving Chinese market, which all helps Teconnex in supporting the joint venture from the UK. 

Suresh Sivadasan from Teconnex India joined the trip to exchange best practices and knowledge with Ye, the General Manager of Teconnex’s Chinese operations, and the wider Funwick team. As India expands its operations in Pune, Teconnex and the Funwick Group are beginning to serve many of the same clients. Therefore, sharing information is invaluable to enhance the joint venture and unify Teconnex’s various international facilities. 

Beyond business discussions, the trip was a vibrant experience, offering a different perspective on China and showcasing the camaraderie among employees. Everyone involved had a fantastic time, and the end-of-the-year party was definitely a memorable highlight. 

Everyone at Teconnex wishes all our partners and clients a very Happy Chinese New Year, and we look forward to the next trip!