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Teconnex is a global leader in providing engineered clamping solutions for the emissions market while investing in new technology through our Product Diversification Programme.

With facilities in four continents, our continuous improvement has seen us diversify our production to meet the requirements of a number of industry sectors.

Our history began with manufacturing technical joint solutions and continues to grow on a global stage but Teconnex today has expanded into the world of Bellows, power, aerospace, automation, tooling and more in the future.

Our History

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  1. Smith & Johnson


    Smith & Johnson opened its doors

  2. Connectors Ltd


    Connectors Ltd was formed

  3. Hexadex Ltd


    UK manufacturing group Hexadex Ltd purchases Connectors Ltd

  4. Merger of Connectors Ltd and Smith & Johnson


    Teconnex Limited is created following the merger of Connectors Ltd and Smith & Johnson, under the Hexadex umbrella.

  5. Joint venture in Kunshan


    Teconnex and Funwick set up a joint venture in Kunshan, China

  6. Mexico Facility


    Teconnex continues expansion with South America facility opening in Monterrey, Mexico

  7. Bellows Technology


    Teconnex acquires Bellows Technology in New Mills, near Stockport

  8. Expanding further


    Teconnex global expansion continues with sites in Cluj, Romania and Pune, India

  9. Diversification programme


    Pushing forward with our diversification programme in the battery, aerospace, automation & tooling side of the business