Teconnex Receives Visit From Rishi Sunak

Yesterday, Teconnex welcomed the Prime Minister to our Keighley base, accompanied by the MP for Keighley and Ilkley, Robbie Moore. During his visit, the PM spoke to members of our team about our core business in clamps as well as focusing on our diversification into battery technology. This will be one of the solutions to the ongoing energy crisis for Teconnex and its customer base. The PM was guided around the Teconnex facility, where our engineers demonstrated some of the manufacturing processes and innovations we are working on at the moment. 

Chris Marsden (MD of the Teconnex Group) commented:

“We are a successful family-owned business with headquarters here in Keighley, where we employ 500 people, as well as an additional 700 employees in our growing overseas sites.

It’s great to be able to showcase our business and people whilst sharing our story of growth, but it’s just as important to discuss the challenges even strong businesses have faced in recent years – ranging from the lasting impact of Brexit, the disruption of Covid, skills shortages, supply chain constraints and rapidly rising costs of raw materials, energy and employee wages. We work tirelessly to overcome these issues just to remain a viable business.

We are fortunate here at Teconnex because we have a very experienced and dedicated team of employees, some of whom the PM had the pleasure to meet during his visit. For me, it’s the team ethos at Teconnex that’s the single biggest reason we have been successful despite such a difficult environment.

Whilst Teconnex continues to grow in core automotive sectors, we would welcome discussion on how local government can assist us with our diversification efforts – one of which is launching our own range of energy storage systems and lithium-ion leisure batteries and how this possibly aligns with future government legislation”.