power solutions

Power Solutions

We have launched into the world of battery storage to help more and more commercial and industrial facilities become energy independent.

Power Technologies

Experience the freedom of choice by no longer having to battle with utility companies or increasing energy prices.

We provide solutions for applications such as solar energy, wind turbines, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power backup, localised energy, and more.

Also with remote battery monitoring, you also can manage storage across multiple units in different locations to create a virtual power plant across your many sites.


Our Process

Our all-in-one modular energy system can be stacked to increase energy storage capabilities to meet all your commercial or industrial needs.

Lithium-ion batteries provide your storage capacity and can be upgraded easily if required at any point.

Compared with an iron battery, lithium-ion batteries have a longer life and provide a continuous source of power over long periods.

Battery storage helps you create a greener energy network for storing your converted energy and distributing it only when you need to.